This weekend (and a bit)

Today we are being Ladies who lunch and going to Cafe Andaluz. Excited!! It might just be my favourite restaurant EVER!

Tomorrow Dawn and I are going to visit Ross in Dundee, sure to be fun.

Sunday I have the day off work because they decided to close for Easter Sunday but still pay us… Happy happy happy! Plus Mum is making one of her fab roast dinners. YUM! Then it’s back to the flat for a sleepover with the uni girls and an early night because…

ON MONDAY WE’RE HEADING TO ALTON TOWERS!! I can’t wait! Not so excited about having to drive there and back in the one day. But I am VERY excited about:

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the service stations on the way down.
  • Fun chat with the girls
  • The park, I just love it!
  • The rides
  • And making the most of being off uni and work!

Right now, I guess my life is pretty good!

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